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FOCUS4: a flagship trial in colorectal cancer

Professor Tim Maughan outlines the flagship work of the FOCUS4 trials, whose results were presented this weekend at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) annual meeting

A unique year for a UNIQ experience!

Tiffany Chan and Claudia Fraser were two of our fantastic tutors who helped ensure the UNIQ Oncology Summer School happened in the midst of a pandemic.

Extending outreach to a global audience

A week ago I found myself on Skype to a group of school students in Houston, Texas. Not something I had expected to be doing this year, but a lot of this year is not as I expected...

I can’t see you; I can’t hear you; how do I engage you?

Working from home is a lonely business, so the chance to meet and engage people with our science was too good to pass up. Schools and work places are not the only places that have to operate remotely. Across the UK clubs, societies and groups are using the internet to keep their interests alive.

Prostate Cancer – March 2020

For prostate cancer awareness month, we focus on the work of Dr Valentine Macaulay.

Brain tumours; like finding a needle in a haystack?!

For Brain Tumour Awareness Month, Vanessa Johanssen talks about her work and how their research has helped to find brain tumours when they're small enough to treat.

Discovering Common Ground

Last April we joined forces with Corpus Christi College and visited Crewe to talk to students there about the impact of maths in materials and cancer research. We met Sarah Stubington and discovered that a shared love of science can create common ground. Sarah shared her perspective of our meeting.

Physics in Medicine

When Pratik Samant was in secondary school, he had two great loves: physics and medicine, in that order. It seemed to him at the time, that these were polar opposites. When Pratik chose to study physics, that meant leaving medicine behind, of course, they’re different fields! That was 6 years ago, Pratik now reflects that would surprise his younger self to learn that in 2020, he would work in a hospital.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the 11th of February 2020, we celebrate the fifth International Day of Women and Girls in Science as recognised and implemented by the United Nations General Assembly. This day aims to raise awareness of the biases and gender stereotypes that deter women and girls from STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related fields, as well as promote equal access to and participation in STEM education and professions for girls and women. I reached out to fellow students in the Department of Oncology for their views on women and girls in STEM and for them to spotlight a woman in science who has influenced them.

Super Science Saturday

Cancer science amidst the oceans – how could we possibly fit our work into the theme of Oceans?

Fair tests and...fruit!

On 8 November, OCTO Trial Management Director Sarah Pearson and Trial Manager Naomi McGregor joined children from Dr South’s primary school to explore some aspects of the work carried out by the Oncology department during the school’s science week earlier this month.

A gut feeling for cancer treatment

The bacteria that inhabit our gut – the gut microbiome - could have profound impact on our health. The species that live in our guts influence the development of neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s disease), epilepsy, autoimmune disease, and cancer.4 They may also be helping shape whether our treatments work.

Exploring promising approaches for colorectal cancer

On World Cancer Research Day, Sylvana talks about research into colorectal cancer, one of the most common cancers in the world.

In the right place …

When people don’t know they’ve supported your work, how do you say ‘Thank you!’? Obviously, you can hold a celebration event. Publicise widely, invite people in. Sweeten the offer with nibbles?

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