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Department has activities on four sites in Oxford; these are the Old Road Campus Research Building, the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, the Radiobiology Research Institute, and in the Cancer and Haematology Centre. The sites all work together to provide world-class research and administration. The Department of Oncology has over 400 staff - both clinical and non-clinical - and is one of the largest departments within the University of Oxford’s Medical Sciences Division.


In 2018, The Department of Oncology asked its members to identify the key values that they felt best represented the ethos of the Department. Amongst the many suggested values, five common themes emerged. These became the recognised Departmental Core Values that we subscribe to today:


Our Department's Core Values: Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Integrity, Equality

The Values framework helps us recognise key and valued behaviours in ourselves and others, and to give us control over our own development. It helps us consider ‘how’ we interact with one another and deliver our work.

During the Professional Development Review (PDR) process we are asked to look at these values, ensure our own behaviours reflect the framework and talk to colleagues to encourage feedback.


Respect The feeling of regarding someone well for their qualities or traits, but respect can also be the action of treating people with appreciation and dignity. A respectful attitude should be standard regardless of personal feelings.

ExcellenceExpecting and achieving the highest standard possible for the work we do. It is also about supporting the growth and development of others so they too can reach their highest potential.

CollaborationPeople working together and sharing ideas from within teams or with other teams in order to achieve collective goals. This involves building productive and long-term relationships across the University and more broadly to achieve objectives.

IntegrityHaving upstanding character traits and ethics including sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty. It is doing the right thing (through your words, actions and beliefs) when no-one is watching.

EqualityEnsuring a lack of discrimination or unfair treatment of others, particularly for reasons protected by discrimination law ('protected characteristics'). For example, because of a person's sex, age or race. More proactively, it is about ensuring everyone has an equal chance to improve their skills and that no-one is unfairly overlooked. 


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