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The DPhil (PhD):

Postgraduate doctoral research studies (DPhil) take place 52 weeks of the year. You will be entitled to 38 days of holiday (including bank holidays) during this time. You will be expected to live and study in Oxford unless fieldwork takes you further afield.

Probationer Research Status (PRS): You will begin your DPhil studies as a probationer research student. During your research student career, you will undergo two milestone assessments.  These are designed to evaluate your progress at two key points in your studies.

  1. Transfer of Status provides an opportunity for a detailed check on your progress and your understanding of your DPhil research. This takes place in the fourth term after admission to the course (usually December of year 2) and is an opportunity for you to receive independent feedback on your work.
  2. Confirmation of Status usually takes place in the ninth term after admission (usually October of year 3) and offers an opportunity for you to receive independent feedback as you begin the process of writing up your findings and drawing conclusions for your thesis.

Research Examination process: After a successful Confirmation of Status, you are expected to submit your thesis by the end of the twelfth term (usually October of year 4). A viva examination is conducted by two examiners, one internal to the University and one external.  This typically takes place within three months of the examiners being sent the completed thesis.

Leave to Supplicate: Upon successful completion of your examination you are awarded "Leave to Supplicate" and your college then proceed with arrangements for your graduation ceremony.