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The dissertation is a 10,000 written thesis based on an extended research project which lasts throughout Trinity Term (your third term of study) and the Long Vacation. This is a substantial piece of work and accounts for 40% of the total marks awarded for the MSc degree. 

The purpose of the dissertation and is to ensure that you have a good understanding of research practice and study design. The dissertation content is designed to assess you on your academic ability, critical thinking, originality and your understanding of the pragmatics of research.  Dissertations on this course are usually based on applied laboratory or computational work, but other formats, such as a systematic literature review, can be used where appropriate. 

For this project you will be embedded in one of the research laboratories within the University's Medical Sciences Division,  most usually within the Department of Oncology. A list of dissertation projects and potential supervisors will be provided in Michaelmas term (October). You will need to discuss with potential supervisors and decide on a project by the January. There is no requirement to identify a project or supervisor before you apply to this course. 

After submission of the thesis, you will also be required to present a scientific poster based on your work at the Master's Dissertation Showcase in September. This is a compulsory part of the course and counts towards your dissertation grade. 

Dissertation timeline: 

October to December Project applications open
January Projects allocated
March to August Undertake research and write up findings
August Submit dissertation
September Master's Dissertation Showcase