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This course is assessed by modular assessment. This means that you will have one summative assessment for each of the eight taught modules. These assessments are all equally weighted and together they make up 60% of the overall degree grade.

You will be assessed on Modules 1-4 in weeks 9 & 10 of Michaelmas Term, and on Modules 5-8 in Weeks 9 & 10 of Hilary Term. You will then complete the research project in Trinity Term and Long Vacation

Assessments can be in a range of formats including examinations, written coursework, presentations, and oral examinations. 

Throughout the course you will also have the opportunity to participate to several tutorials, laboratory-based practicals, lecture from exceptional external guests, work on data analysis and to complete some formative assessments. These activities are propaedeutic to your academic and professional development, but they do not count towards your overall degree grade.

 Summative assessment schedule

Michaelmas Term

Assessment of  Modules 1-4

Hilary term

Assessment of  Modules 5-8

Trinity Term and Long Vacation Research Project and Dissertation