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The aim of the Oncology Executive Committee (OEC) is to drive scientific excellence within a sustainable environment. It will do so by scanning the horizon of scientific developments so as to future proof the Department of Oncology whilst simultaneously observing scientific rigour and integrity in all work of the Department.

 In achieving this aim, the purpose of the OEC is threefold:

  1.  Ensure the delivery of the Scientific Strategy 2020-2025;
  2.  Ensure the financial viability of the Department of Oncology; and
  3.  Ensure good governance so that 1. and 2. are delivered, and the requisite assurances can be provided to members of the Department, the Medical Sciences Division and the University.


Mark Middleton - Head of Department and Chair, OEC

Sarah Blagden - Chair, Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team

Ben Fairfax - Co-Lead Theme Lead, Tumour Microenvironment/Immunology

Ester Hammond - Co-Lead Theme Lead, Tumour Microenvironment/Immunology

Linda Naughton - Head of Finance & Governance

Eric O’Neill - Director of Education