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Florian was awarded a Marie Curie EU Fellowship in 2018 and successfully completed his DPhil in 2021. His is now a postdoctoral scientist in the department.

Research project title: The roles of BRCA2 in chromosome integrity

Florian’s project focused on BRCA1- and BRCA2-deficiency. These genes are often mutated in many cancers, such as breast or ovarian cancers. Huge progress has been made to treat BRCA-related cancers, especially with the introduction of PARP inhibitors in clinic. Florian’s lab is investigating mechanisms of tumourigenesis, genomic instability or synthetic lethality in order to better understand and treat BRCA1/2-mutated tumours.

On a personal note:   Florian was a Student Representative for the DPhil course, he spent time getting to know the students so that he could represent the student voice at academic committees, together with the other student reps he encouraged the students to get together away from the labs at various social events, such as the summer BBQ, and to have some fun! When Florian started his DPhil he also went back to Judo training after a few years break.

Overcoming the pandemic: For the last few months Florian has been working to help finish a manuscript and has found it  "very rewarding to see your work reaching this stage and being presented to conferences".