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A picture of some of the members of the Oxford Postdoctoral Network (OPN), taken in the Old Road Campus Research Building (ORCRB), Oxford.




The Oncology Postdoctoral Network (OPN) is a member-driven organisation within the Department of Oncology that aims to provide a unique voice for postdoctoral researchers. Since the postdocs in the Department are distributed across different buildings, the network aims to provide a platform for postdoctoral interaction and representation throughout the Department. Updates on departmental business are provided by the postdoc representative who attends Group Leader meetings, chaired by the Head of Department.

The OPN goals primarily comprise:

  • Community building: promotion of regular meetings and creation of opportunities for the postdoctoral community to connect with each other and enhance their professional development and leadership skills. 
  • Resources networking: facilitation of the exchange of material, improving research productivity and departmental cohesion.
  • Career planning: organisation of the annual OPN Away Day and seminars to highlight different career options in science to help postdocs plan their careers

The current committee consists of:

  • Chair:  Rebecca Dagg
  • Secretary/treasurer: Hala Estephan
  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Officers: Hala Estephan and Hannah Bolland (Athena Swan reps)
  • Speaker Liaison Officers: Hannah Bolland and Mahnaz Darvish
  • Communications Officer: Simei Go
  • Social Secretary: Hannah Bolland
  • PI Liaison Officer: Tess Stanly
  • Training and Development Officer: Mahnaz Darvish
  • General Duties Members: Ignacio Torrecilla, Yanyan Jiang and Mahnaz Darvish

...and new members are always welcome!

To get in contact with suggestions or enquiries for the OPN please email or directly contact any of the members of the OPN. You can also join our Facebook page by searching “Oxford Oncology Post Docs” or follow us on Twitter.