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As a clinical research fellow at the Early Phase Clinical Trial Unit (EPCTU), we get exposure to cutting edge research at Oxford.  We are testing novel translational drugs in first human subjects ranging from immunotherapy, targeted therapy and in combination with conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy on a wide range of cancers.  As safety is paramount in the early phase setting, we have to be extremely vigilant and monitor these patients closely for any adverse events that can potentially be related to the experimental treatment, ensuring that the Principal Investigator (PI) and sponsor of the trial are aware of these events.  In addition, we are given full responsibilities in overlooking a number of trials and attending regular safety review committee meetings to further as assess dose limiting toxicities (DLT) and maximum tolerated dose (MTD).

Day to day responsibilities involve recruiting and consenting eligible patients for trials.  In addition, we review patients currently on trials and manage all complications including those caused by the experimental drug and those arising from disease progression.  We work closely with research nurses, pharmacist and sampling handing lab team to provide patients with a seamless experience during their time at the EPCTU.  We also get opportunities to work on a number of research projects under supervision of the PI and can present these findings in
conferences, both locally and abroad.  Working in the EPCTU at Oxford is a truly a unique experience and I strongly encourage anyone pursuing a career in Oncology to consider applying.