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We are a team of 9 specialist nurses working with oncology and haematology patients within early phase clinical research.  Our nursing team’s focus is on delivering high quality patient centred care within a dynamic dedicated trials unit.  We aim to ensure each patients needs are met, including those specific to their disease type and trial demands, as well as assessing and delivering their holistic needs during their time with us.

As individual nurses, we have our own portfolio of approximately 8 trials and caseload of patients.  Each nurse becomes the expert for their particular trials and the specialist nurse for their patient.  Taking a leap of faith with our patients that this will be the next cancer cure is exhilarating.  We have expertise in drug administration, including intra tumoural injections, immunotherapy and personalised medicine.  A key component of our role is communication - explaining the trial and what it involves, planning and booking study visits and investigations, triaging our patients, linking with other healthcare professionals including palliative care, primary care and allied health care professionals.

In addition to our clinical role, we interact with the study sponsors and trials offices, helping with data and ensuring the study visits match the protocols.  Overall, we work autonomously within a team, getting a fantastic balance between hands on patient care and contributing to scientific discovery – creating tomorrows experts today.