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We are committed to cancer and haematology research to bring hope to future generations. Through teamwork and interactions with patients, relatives and their carers, we aim to provide novel treatments within a safe, and supportive environment, to make a difference to cancer outcomes.

 EPCTU About Us

The EPCTU runs approximately 80 early phase (phase I/II) trials every year.  It is fully integrated with haematology, providing trials for patients with haematological as well as solid tumours.

It is staffed by 3 consultant oncologists: Professor Sarah Blagden, Professor Mark Middleton and Dr Simon Lord, a haematology consultant Dr Graham Collins, 3-5 Clinical Research Fellows, 14 nurses including Sandie Wellman our consultant nurse, support from 6 data managers, 5 trial administrators and an in-house Clinical Trials Unit, OCTO.

There is a sample handling facility co-located on the ward which enables a high sample throughput with record keeping, to demonstrate custodianship of the samples, allowing for quality analysis. A team of research nurses and clinical fellows work across the broad portfolio of studies, providing expertise in patient management and protocol compliance.