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For Investigators:

There are two clinical trials units within the Department of Oncology. They have complementary functions and work closely to help investigators take new trials from concept to completion.

  • Do you already have an existing trial protocol and are looking for an NHS clinical site to participate in your study? Then you should contact EPCTU,  a specialist clinical site team based at the Churchill Hospital at Oxford, with expertise in patient management and data capture on behalf of trial sponsors.
  • Do you need support to develop a new protocol, apply for funding, secure ethics and regulatory approvals or provide trial management services for a single- or multi-centre clinical trial or study? Then you should contact OCTO, which provides expert trial development, coordination and data management for clinical trials and studies including drug trials, device trials, and clinical studies across a range of tumour types and interventions.

For patients and Their Families:

If you are a patient, or relative of a patient, looking for more information about which trials might be suitable for you to participate in please refer to Information for patients and their families.

Are you interested in working in oncology clinical trials?

For vacancies please refer to the Department Job Vacancies page