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Hosted by the Oncology Postdoc Network Committee, the 7th Annual Oncology Postdoc Away Day will be held on Friday 10 May at St Anne’s College.

An exciting line-up of speakers on the topic of AI in Cancer, including keynote talks on the topic of AI in Cancer from Dr Rajarshi Banerjee and Prof Michael Wooldridge. Plus 3-minute flash presentations from postdocs.

The aim of the Away Day is to provide a networking opportunity for postdocs in the Department, a chance to showcase their recent work and facilitate the development of a collaborative atmosphere. Furthermore, the Committee puts a strong emphasis on professional development through talks on specific topics of interest and inspirational keynote speakers.

This year, the Committee has placed a focus on the topic of AI in Cancer for the Away Day. The exciting line-up of speakers will cover: the theory behind modern AI system and how they came to be developed; examples of AI being used in medicine and cancer; and, ways to effectively use computational tools in your research.


To provide an opportunity to showcase research and communication skills, postdocs in the Department are invited to submit 250-word lay abstracts of their work suitable for a non-scientist. Selected authors will be provided the opportunity for a three-minute flash presentation, in which the Committee encourages creativity in communicating their science.

Abstracts welcome to before 5 pm, Friday 19th April.



Members of the Oncology Postdoc Community only 



Oncology Postdoc Network Committee