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How does the Department attract passionate and bright talent when it doesn’t teach undergraduates? There are no ‘home grown’ students eager to become next year’s doctoral students.

Each spring students from schools are invited to come and find out where a degree in science might take them. This year, the date was set for 3 April and the uptake was amazing, with 200 people applying for places.

Visitors came from London, Bristol, Stratford and High Wycombe. They learnt about clinical trials from the Oncology Clinical Trials Office, had some myths busted by the admissions service, met a current medical student, and discussed science with researchers from over 16 areas of science.

One student from John Hampden School commented:

It was an inspiring experience showing us how the Chemistry, Biology and Physics linked together in modern problems. The interactive aspect [...] was very engaging [...] we greatly enjoyed the day and would recommend it to students in the future.


Another said:

The trip was incredibly insightful and we really enjoyed learning about the umbrella of oncology and what is involved with the treatment of tumours and cancer as a whole. The stalls themselves were fascinating, it would be nice if next time there were more stalls, maybe even double the amount [...]

Events like this don't just inspire future talent, they are a chance to train and develop our current talent. The Department's scientists work hard to extract the most important messages from their research, forge them into a story and design the exhibit that will bring the story to life.

The success of this event is a tribute to the creativity and passion of the scientists.

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