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The Department's UNIQ Oncology course invited students to explore the fascinating field of Oncology, to inspire those interested in pursuing a career in medical research.

In July we met 30 17-year old students from across the UK and spent four days exploring how science is the key to medical research. 

Cancer will affect almost everyone, and the students were already aware of its power to destroy.  They came to Oxford, attracted by the chance to discover more about our ancient foe and the new tools we have to improve the outcomes for people touched by cancer.

The students secured their place to come to Oxford as part of the University’s flagship UNIQ programme.  They come from a diverse range of backgrounds, which might otherwise discourage them from applying to study here.  Our job was to inspire them, to give them an insight into what studying oncology at the University is really like.

They explored the biology of cancer and analysed the genetic fingerprint of a tumour.  They understood how our immune system interacts with cancer cells and how radiotherapy is still a powerful therapy after more than 100 years. 

The Department will be back at UNIQ next year, and look forward to working with another bright, curious, dynamic group of people.

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