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Friday 14 February was the day of our annual visit to Oxford's Department of Education to spend some time with their trainee teachers.

As a Department, we take up the opportunity to spend some time with their trainee teachers to offer them some up-to-date science and discuss resources and methods for covering this in the classroom.

We do lots of work with schools and over the years have developed very effective resources for communicating a number of topics. 

The resources we explored on Friday included;

  • The generation of diversity in a solid tumour by drawing together populations of cancer cells with the story of Darwin’s Finches;
  • Investigating cell communication pathways which leads into a card game illustrating biomarkers and biochemistry;
  • Understanding how DNA mutates and how time generates the mutational burden seen in many of the tumours of later life.

Our scientists enjoy spending time with tomorrow’s teachers and sharing our resources with them. Through them, we hope to inspire new generations of students with the power of STEM subjects to tackle human problems.