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Runners at the Framwellgate ParkRun got a taste of cancer research with their morning run on Saturday,15 July.

The Department of Oncology teamed up with Framwellgate School (Durham) to reach out to people taking part in the regular 5K run. The Department's Public Engagament Manager, Martin Christlieb, spent an afternoon with Year 12 students at Framwellgate School training them in the science and the engagement activities to communicate the science. The students then took the activities to the University of Durham sports centre which hosts the ParkRun and engaged with runners and family members as they finished their run.

The students discussed personalised medicine and how we may match tomorrow's treatments up with the chemical signature of a patient's tumour to offer the best possible outcomes. Their enthusiasm was fantastic and infectious, helping to encourage over 40 people to stop and talk despite the rain and the runners wet clothing.

A huge thank you to the students who spent their Saturday morning helping us reach the people of Durham, and thank you to Georgia Lowes (Year 12) who organised the event. Thank you also to Clare Atkinson and Jennifer Moss for making this happen on top of their other school duties and to Framwellgate School for supporting us.