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Magnetic Resonance pH Imaging in Stroke – Combining the Old with the New

Journal article

LARKIN J. et al, (2022), Frontiers in Physiology

Deoxyribonucleic Acid Encoded and Size-Defined π-Stacking of Perylene Diimides.

Journal article

Gorman J. et al, (2021), J Am Chem Soc

RASSF1A disrupts the NOTCH signaling axis via SNURF/RNF4-mediated ubiquitination of HES1.

Journal article

Papaspyropoulos A. et al, (2021), EMBO Rep

The NUCKS1-SKP2-p21/p27 axis controls S phase entry.

Journal article

Hume S. et al, (2021), Nat Commun, 12

C3aR Signaling Inhibits NK-cell Infiltration into the Tumor Microenvironment in Mouse Models.

Journal article

Nandagopal S. et al, (2021), Cancer Immunol Res

Advances in PET-CT technology: An update.

Journal article

Aide N. et al, (2021), Semin Nucl Med

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