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ATXN3 controls DNA replication and transcription by regulating chromatin structure.

Journal article

Hernández-Carralero E. et al, (2023), Nucleic Acids Res

We need to talk about values: a proposed framework for the articulation of normative reasoning in health technology assessment

Journal article

MORRELL L. and charlton V., (2023), Health Economics, Policy and Law

Photogeneration of Spin Quintet Triplet-Triplet Excitations in DNA-Assembled Pentacene Stacks.

Journal article

Orsborne SRE. et al, (2023), J Am Chem Soc, 145, 5431 - 5438

cGAS-STING signalling in cancer: striking a balance with chromosomal instability.

Journal article

Beernaert B. and Parkes EE., (2023), Biochem Soc Trans

The Cellular Response to Complex DNA Damage Induced by Ionising Radiation

Journal article

Wilkinson B. et al, (2023), International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24, 4920 - 4920

The role of CaMKK2 in Golgi-associated vesicle trafficking.

Journal article

Kennedy G. et al, (2023), Biochem Soc Trans

The ‘Rapid Access Prostate Imaging and Diagnosis’ (RAPID) diagnostic pathway: what is the rush?

Journal article

Lopez JF. and Bryant RJ., (2023), BJU International

Regulation of immunological tolerance by the p53-inhibitor iASPP.

Journal article

Akama-Garren EH. et al, (2023), Cell Death Dis, 14

Correlation of Pre- and Post-radio-chemotherapy MRI Texture Features With Tumor Response in Rectal Cancer.

Journal article

Paiar F. et al, (2023), Anticancer Res, 43, 781 - 788

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