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IKBKE activity enhances AR levels in advanced prostate cancer via modulation of the Hippo pathway.

Journal article

Bainbridge A. et al, (2020), Nucleic Acids Res, 48, 5366 - 5382

Indirect treatment comparison of nivolumab versus placebo for the adjuvant treatment of melanoma.

Journal article

Hemstock M. et al, (2020), Eur J Cancer, 132, 176 - 186

Glutamine deprivation regulates the origin and function of cancer cell exosomes

Journal article

WILSON C. et al, (2020), The EMBO Journal

Galectin-3 diminishes Wnt signaling in the postnatal subventricular zone.

Journal article

Al-Dalahmah O. et al, (2020), Stem Cells

Looping of upstream cis-regulatory elements is required for CFTR expression in human airway epithelial cells

Journal article

NandyMazumdar M. et al, (2020), Nucleic acids research, 48, 3513 - 3524

Radiolabelled cCPE mutants allow selective imaging of claudin-4 in mouse models of PDAC

Journal article

BAGUNA TORRES J. et al, (2020), The Journal of Nuclear Medicine

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