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Targeting TOPK 1 sensitises tumour cells to radiation-induced damage by enhancing replication stress.

Journal article

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Repeat expansions confer WRN dependence in microsatellite-unstable cancers.

Journal article

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PARP Inhibitors in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Journal article

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Combination Strategies to Improve Targeted Radionuclide Therapy

Journal article

CHAN T. et al, (2020), Journal of Nuclear Medicine

X-ray induced acoustic computed tomography.

Journal article

Samant P. et al, (2020), Photoacoustics, 19

Melting temperature measurement and mesoscopic evaluation of single, double and triple DNA mismatches

Journal article

Oliveira LM. et al, (2020), CHEMICAL SCIENCE, 11, 8273 - 8287

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