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Flow Radiocytometry Using Droplet Optofluidics

Journal article

Ha B. et al, (2021), Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 113565 - 113565

A NIR fluorescent smart probe for imaging tumor hypoxia

Journal article

Hettie K. et al, (2021), Cancer Reports

A NIR fluorescent smart probe for imaging tumor hypoxia.

Journal article

Hettie KS. et al, (2021), Cancer Rep (Hoboken)

Evaluation of Salmon, Tuna, and Beef Freshness Using a Portable Spectrometer.

Journal article

Moon EJ. et al, (2020), Sensors (Basel), 20

An Activatable NIR Fluorescent Rosol for Selectively Imaging Nitroreductase Activity.

Journal article

Klockow JL. et al, (2020), Sens Actuators B Chem, 306

Single cell radiometry using droplet optofluidics

Conference paper

Ha B. et al, (2020), Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems XVIII

KDM4B/JMJD2B is a p53 target gene that modulates the amplitude of p53 response after DNA damage.

Journal article

Castellini L. et al, (2017), Nucleic Acids Res, 45, 3674 - 3692

Apelin-13 infusion salvages the peri-infarct region to preserve cardiac function after severe myocardial injury

Journal article

Chung W-J. et al, (2016), International Journal of Cardiology, 222, 361 - 367

Dual roles of NRF2 in tumor prevention and progression: Possible implications in cancer treatment

Journal article

Moon EJ. and Giaccia A., (2015), Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 79, 292 - 299

Tumor Cells Upregulate Normoxic HIF-1α in Response to Doxorubicin

Journal article

Cao Y. et al, (2013), Cancer Research, 73, 6230 - 6242

Sickle Erythrocytes Target Cytotoxics to Hypoxic Tumor Microvessels and Potentiate a Tumoricidal Response

Journal article

Terman DS. et al, (2013), PLoS ONE, 8, e52543 - e52543

Thresholds for thermal damage to normal tissues: An update

Journal article

Yarmolenko PS. et al, (2011), International Journal of Hyperthermia, 27, 320 - 343

NADPH oxidase-mediated reactive oxygen species production activates hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) via the ERK pathway after hyperthermia treatment

Journal article

Moon EJ. et al, (2010), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 107, 20477 - 20482

Effect of aerobic exercise on tumor physiology in an animal model of human breast cancer

Journal article

Jones LW. et al, (2010), Journal of Applied Physiology, 108, 343 - 348

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