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Monitoring electron energies during FLASH irradiations.

Journal article

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A Quantitative Analysis of the Role of Oxygen Tension in FLASH Radiation Therapy.

Journal article

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Understanding High-Dose, Ultra-High Dose-Rate and , Spatially Fractionated Radiotherapy.

Journal article

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The FLASH effect depends on oxygen concentration.

Journal article

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Corrigendum: Ultra-High Dose Rate (FLASH) Radiotherapy: Silver Bullet or Fool's Gold?

Journal article

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Modifying a clinical linear accelerator for delivery of ultra-high dose rate irradiation.

Journal article

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Long-term neurocognitive benefits of FLASH radiotherapy driven by reduced reactive oxygen species.

Journal article

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Surface guided coplanar and non-coplanar stereotactic radiotherapy with open masks - a phantom study

Conference paper

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The Advantage of FLASH Radiotherapy Confirmed in Mini-pig and Cat-cancer Patients.

Journal article

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Analysis of the treatment plan evaluation process in radiotherapy through eye tracking.

Journal article

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A treatment planning comparison of contemporary photon-based radiation techniques for breast cancer

Journal article

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Irradiation in a flash: Unique sparing of memory in mice after whole brain irradiation with dose rates above 100Gy/s.

Journal article

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A clinical distance measure for evaluating treatment plan quality difference with Pareto fronts in radiotherapy

Journal article

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