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Activated Regulatory T-Cells, Dysfunctional and Senescent T-Cells Hinder the Immunity in Pancreatic Cancer

Journal article

SIVAKUMAR S. et al, (2021), Molecular Biomarkers and Precision Medicine for Pancreatic, Liver and Biliary Tract Cancers

Tumour gene expression signature in primary melanoma predicts long-term outcomes

Journal article

Garg M. et al, (2021), Nature Communications

ctDNA monitoring using patient-specific sequencing and integration of variant reads.

Journal article

Wan JCM. et al, (2020), Sci Transl Med, 12

Tuning Transcription Factor Availability through Acetylation-Mediated Genomic Redistribution.

Journal article

Louphrasitthiphol P. et al, (2020), Mol Cell

Indirect treatment comparison of nivolumab versus placebo for the adjuvant treatment of melanoma.

Journal article

Hemstock M. et al, (2020), Eur J Cancer, 132, 176 - 186

A Phase 1 Trial of RP1: A New Oncolytic Virus Alone and in Combination with Nivolumab

Conference paper

Middleton M. et al, (2020), ANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, 27, S132 - S132

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