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Brain Metastasis Cell Lines Panel: a public resource of organotropic cell lines.

Journal article

Valiente M. et al, (2020), Cancer Res

Improving Delineation of True Tumor Volume With Multimodal MRI in a Rat Model of Brain Metastasis.

Journal article

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TNF Muteins and Uses Thereof


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Robust estimation of quantitative perfusion from multi-phase pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling.

Journal article

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White matter structure and myelin-related gene expression alterations with experience in adult rats

Journal article

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Development of Therapeutic Anti-JAGGED1 Antibodies for Cancer Therapy.

Journal article

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VCAM-1 Targeted Alpha-Particle Therapy for Early Brain Metastases.

Journal article

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What is special about the human arcuate fasciculus? Lateralization, projections, and expansion.

Journal article

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Quantitative blood flow measurement in rat brain with multiphase arterial spin labelling magnetic resonance imaging.

Journal article

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Blood flow and volume measurements are critical for determining true extent of brain tumour periphery

Conference paper

Larkin JR. et al, (2019), JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 39, 492 - 492

Non-invasive detection of vascular normalisation in a rat brain metastasis model

Conference paper

Simard MA. et al, (2019), JOURNAL OF CEREBRAL BLOOD FLOW AND METABOLISM, 39, 494 - 495

A brain metastasis therapy tweak, for the better? Concomitant stereotactic radiotherapy and molecular-targeted therapy

Conference paper

(2019), 2016 British Neuro-Oncology Society Meeting (BNOS 2016)

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