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CHK1 inhibition exacerbates replication stress induced by IGF blockade.

Journal article

Wu X. et al, (2021), Oncogene

Selective DNA-PKcs inhibition extends the therapeutic index of localized radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Journal article

Willoughby CE. et al, (2020), J Clin Invest, 130, 258 - 271

PARP Inhibition Combined With Thoracic Irradiation Exacerbates Esophageal and Skin Toxicity in C57BL6 Mice.

Journal article

Lourenco LM. et al, (2018), Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 100, 767 - 775

Inhibiting WEE1 Selectively Kills Histone H3K36me3-Deficient Cancers by dNTP Starvation.

Journal article

Pfister SX. et al, (2015), Cancer Cell, 28, 557 - 568

Replication stress and chromatin context link ATM activation to a role in DNA replication.

Journal article

Olcina MM. et al, (2013), Mol Cell, 52, 758 - 766

Sickness behaviour is induced by a peripheral CXC-chemokine also expressed in multiple sclerosis and EAE.

Journal article

Campbell SJ. et al, (2010), Brain Behav Immun, 24, 738 - 746

Comparison of MRI signatures in pattern I and II multiple sclerosis models.

Journal article

Serres S. et al, (2009), NMR Biomed, 22, 1014 - 1024

Systemic inflammatory response reactivates immune-mediated lesions in rat brain.

Journal article

Serres S. et al, (2009), J Neurosci, 29, 4820 - 4828

Inhibition of peripheral TNF can block the malaise associated with CNS inflammatory diseases.

Journal article

Jiang Y. et al, (2008), Neurobiol Dis, 32, 125 - 132

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