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MRI is the method-of-choice  for non-invasive assessment of soft tissue pathology and function.

We are equipped with 3 high-field MRI systems suitable for small animal imaging:

  • 4.7  Tesla with 150 mm imaging volume (Bruker Avance III)
  • 7.0 Tesla with 80 mm imaging volume (Varian VNMRS)
  • 9.4 Tesla with 60 mm imaging volume (Varian VNMRS)

 We have a locally-developed suite of animal handling apparatus, including physiological maintenance and gating controls that are compatible across all MRI scanners, as well as the SPECT(PET)-CT and SARRP systems.

In addition to the conventional scan modes, several locally-developed  high- resolution scans are available including cardio-respiratory gated T1/T2 weighted scans and respiratory gated, constant TR, 2D multi slice  scans.

 Applications enabled by these scans include whole-body DCE-MRI,  MR image-guided radiotherapy of abdominal tumours and high resolution detection of lung tumours.


Whole body DCE



Xenograft tumour DCE

Image in collaboration with Ruth Muschel group



Lung tumour imaging

Image in collaboration with Anderson Ryan group