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Selected Publications

  • Hill (2018) Cardiac MR imaging genotoxicity? Eur Heart J. 39, 313-325 [PMID: 29281062]
  • Verhaegen et al (2018) Technology for Precision Small Animal Radiotherapy Research: optimal use and challenges, Radiotherapy and Oncology. 126, 471-478 [PMID: 29269093]
  • Durante et al (2018) Faster and safer? FLASH ultra-high dose rate in radiotherapy. Br J Radiol. 91, 20170628 [PMID: 29172684]
  • Hill (2018) Track to the future: historical perspective on the importance of radiation track structure and DNA as a radiobiological target. Int J Radiat Biol. 94, 759-768 [PMID: 29219655]

Selected Reports