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Daniel McGowan


Principal Clinical Scientist


Daniel McGowan is an Honorary Clinical Researcher in the Department of Oncology, having previously held two personal fellowships from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).  He is the module lead for Radiation Protection on the department’s MSc in Radiation Biology and runs the short option in Medical Physics for the University Department of Physics. He is a co-investigator on several imaging clinical trials. 


He is a Principal Clinical Scientist at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where he is a Medical Physics Expert and Radioactive Waste Adviser leading training and research for the Radioisotope Physics group. He is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Medicine, Cardiff University.  He has been a member of the British Institute of Radiology Education Committee and Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Committee since 2013.  He was Co-Chair of the UK Internal Dosimetry Users Group (IDUG) 2011-2013 (co-founder) and has served as Emeritus Chair since 2014.  


He obtained his undergraduate degree in Physics at Oxford, a postgraduate degree in Radiation Physics at UCL and a DPhil in Oncology at Oxford.

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