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Pratik Samant


Postdoctoral Researcher (Physics)

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Radiation Therapy Medical Physics research group. I am working to develop machine learning tools in order to predict outcomes of radiation therapy. Specifically, I am interested in the modelling and prediction of tumour control and normal tissue complication probability following radiation therapy for patients.

I also have interest and a research background in the deployment of thermoacoustic imaging modalities, in which radiation induced ultrasound can be used for biomedical imaging. I am actively seeking to find new applications of this method of imaging to solve problems in the clinic, such as Bragg peak localization and 3D diagnostic imaging in high resolution.

I completed my PhD in biomedical Engineering in December of 2019, where my research was in the development of novel biomedical imaging modalities using radiation induced ultrasound. I maintain a research interest in these imaging modalities as well.

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