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Ruth Harman


Senior Trial Manager - Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO)

I joined the Oncology Clinical Trials Office (OCTO) as a Trial Manager in May 2019. Prior to this I was a Research Administrator for the HOME Study in the University’s Department of Psychiatry.

I have worked on a number of OCTO trials, including:

ARCADIAN – a phase I trial to assess the safety of combining the drug atovaquone with concurrent chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.

ATOM – A pre-operative window of opportunity study of the effects of atovaquone on hypoxia in non-small cell lung carcinoma.

CHARIOT – A phase I dose escalation safety trial combining the ATR inhibitor M6620 with chemoradiotherapy in oesophageal cancer and other solid cancers using time to event continual reassessment method.

CYTOFLOC – A trial to investigate the safety and tolerability of a non-endoscopic device called a CytospongeTM for post-chemoradiotherapy surveillance of oesophageal cancer patients . 

Information on other OCTO trials can be found here.