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Oxford Cancer: Clinical Positioning Services (OCCPS)

OCCPS is an Oxford-based network of scientists and clinicians designed to partner with commercial organisations, and accelerate the clinical development and positioning of novel cancer diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

For more information please follow this link:

In brief, the focus is on supporting commercial organisations with assets nominated for clinical development who are looking to develop biologically driven studies and/or seeking early positioning advice on the following issues:

  • What are the key studies that we should prioritise in order overcome regulatory hurdles and get our novel compound/combination into the clinic?
  • What are the different diseases, indications or clinical settings that our asset might be applied to?
  • How can we design our early phase clinical studies to ensure better decision-making during further clinical development?
  • What companion diagnostics (histopathology, genetic, ctDNA) will complement our clinical studies based on its mechanism of action?