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Staff Comments

We asked our colleagues about their experiences of working in trial management, you can view their comments here, and we'll add to these as time progresses:

Lucy, Trial Manager:

"Being a Trial Manager is very rewarding as you get to see your project (which the science of is always fascinating) through from beginning to end and you are very much in the centre of the action!

It’s a cliché, but really no two days are the same and I like the dynamic pace of my day. OCTO is very well structured and I like that I have independence in my work but at the same time being able to do this in a well-supported way and with a great team of people!


Ruth, Trial Manager:

"I joined OCTO as a trial manager 3 years ago, having previously worked in science communications and teaching. Moving into trial management was an excellent way to use the skills I had gained elsewhere in a new way and there’s always something new to learn.

Having an eye for detail, being a good communicator and having the ability to keep a number of plates spinning at the same time are all definite advantages in this job. I find working at OCTO particularly rewarding because I know that I am contributing to work that will ultimately lead to better cancer treatments, and that means everyone benefits".


 Dan,  Trial Manager:

"A career in clinical  research always appealed to me throughout my higher education, and OCTO provided a fantastic opportunity for me to pursue this as a recent graduate.

Since then, I have had three different roles at OCTO, which is testament to the opportunity for career development working in clinical trials offers. Working in collaboration with so many hard working teams across all areas of health research to help deliver high-quality trials will never not be rewarding for me".  


Rachel, Trial Manager:

"What I enjoy about being a trial manager in OCTO is that trials are interesting to work on in terms of what they are aiming to achieve as well as the different designs (randomised, safety-run-in, dose escalation). I also feel like I am making some sort of difference to future patient care.

I see my role as ensuring that we can deliver a trial that meets the trial endpoints but is compliant and remains within the budget and the milestones. No day is the same and I enjoy the problem-solving element of having to re-think how we can make the trial work if we need to make changes.

To be trial manager, I would say you need to be organised, flexible in your approach, have critical attention to detail and enjoy working with others. I come from a humanities background and found that I had transferrable skills that enabled me to work in clinical trials. For me, clinical trials are an interesting and rewarding area to work in".


 Lisa, Trial Manager:

"My first job after graduating from university was as a support worker for adults with autism. I then started my career in clinical trials as a data support clerk at Warwick CTU. I then progressed as a clinical trial administrator here in Oxford, before becoming a trial co-ordinator, and finally trial manager.

There are so many different career routes you can take in clinical trials, whether it’s trial management; data management; on-site monitoring; quality assurance etc. and I have found that it has been really beneficial to get involved in as many aspects of trials as I can. I really enjoy working in trial management, it feels rewarding to know that the work we are doing is making a difference".