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The scope of this review covers those NMR and X-ray crystallographic structural analyses that have been carried out in recent months on a number of mutagenic lesions, mismatched base pairs and a mutational hotspot in synthetic DNA duplexes. The structure of DNA duplexes containing the mutagenic bases O(6)-methyl deoxyguanosine, O(6)-ethyl deoxyguanosine, 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine and 1,N(6)-ethenodeoxyadenosine are discussed. Recent studies on DNA duplexes containing G·A mismatched base pairs are also reviewed. Finally, an important study of a dodecamer containing a sequence corresponding to a hotspot for frameshift mutagenesis is described. This structure contains a novel type of groove backbone interaction and novel base mispairing which suggest a molecular model for frameshift substitution mutagenesis. © 1992.

Original publication




Journal article


Current Opinion in Structural Biology

Publication Date





354 - 360