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Electrochemical immunosensors offer much in the potential translation of a lab based sensing capability to a useful "real world" platform. In previous work we have introduced an impedance-derived electrochemical capacitance spectroscopic analysis as supportive of a reagentless means of reporting on analyte target capture at suitably prepared mixed-component redox-active, antibody-modified interfaces. Herein we directly integrate receptive aptamers into a redox charging peptide support in enabling a label-free low picomolar analytical assay for C-reactive protein with a sensitivity that significantly exceeds that attainable with an analogous antibody interface.

Original publication




Journal article


Anal Chem

Publication Date





3005 - 3008


Aptamers, Nucleotide, Base Sequence, Biosensing Techniques, C-Reactive Protein, DNA, Electric Capacitance, Electrochemical Techniques, Humans, Oligopeptides