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A technique is described for the positive separation of cell populations on the basis of antigenicity. Specific antibody is conjugated to Sepharose-4B and the resulting antibody-coated beads complexed with cells carrying the antigen against which the antibody is directed. These complexes are separated from non-complexed cells by centrifugation over Percoll. Specifically, HLA-DR positive human peripheral blood lymphocytes have been obtained with high viability and purity by the use of a monoclonal antibody directed against a determinant common to all HLA-DR antigens. This has greatly facilitated HLA-DR typing of these cells.


Journal article


Tissue Antigens

Publication Date





317 - 325


Animals, Antibodies, Cell Separation, Clone Cells, Histocompatibility Antigens Class II, Histocompatibility Testing, Humans, Polysaccharides, Rabbits, Rosette Formation, Sepharose, Sheep