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1. Can I finish my course early?

No, you cannot cut your enrolment short.

A full time MSc course in the Department of Oncology runs from October to September and is a full time undertaking. This means you are expected to be working for approximately 30 hours per week on your course for this time, excluding holidays. Formal teaching finishes at the end of Hilary Term each year (end of March), and after this point you will be working full time on your research project until you submit your thesis at the end of August and present your research to the Examiners at the Master’s Showcase in September.

All students’ grades are ratified at the final meeting of the Board of Examiners which takes place after the Showcase each year. Until your final grades and degree classification have been confirmed at this meeting you are still enrolled on the MSc course.

There may however be some flexibility in where you reside for the later part of your course, and you may be able to start work on another course before you officially finish your MSc, depending on the circumstances.

2. Do I need to live in Oxford?

Yes, students on full time courses are expected to meet the Oxford residence requirements. This means you need to live within Oxford for the duration of the three terms, and a substantial part of the Long Vacation whilst you complete your research project.

Students who have completed their laboratory work and are writing up their thesis are permitted to do this away from Oxford, provided their supervisor agrees and they complete all required assessments. It is unlikely that any student will reach this stage before mid-July. 

Students will still need to attend the course presentation day in July and the Department of Oncology Master’s Showcase in September, both of which are held in Oxford.

3. Can I start a course at another university before my MSc course has finished?

The University of Oxford does not normally allow students to be concurrently enrolled on another award-bearing programme at this or another university.

If there is a short overlap between the end of your MSc and the start of a new course, especially due to the differences in timing of the academic year between different countries, then the department will do our best to accommodate this. This will be on a case by case basis and must be discussed in advance with the Education Team.

If you elect to start a new course of study before the end date of your MSc, this cannot be used as a reason for extensions, mitigating circumstances, or alternative assessment requests on any piece of assessed work.

4. Can I get a transcript before I have finished my MSc course?

Yes, you can order an ‘on course’ transcript from the ‘My Exams’ area of Student Self Service. This will reflect your marks to date as they currently appear in your Student Self Service account.

The Department of Oncology are also happy to issue a ‘highly likely to complete’ letter if your new institution requires one. This is a letter to confirm that you are on track to complete the course by the advertised end date. The Department cannot issue letters to state that you will finish the course early.