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Group Members

Callum Beach -  DPhil (joint student with Prof Tim Maughan and Prof Simon Leedham)

David MacLean - Research Assistant

Dominika Majorova - Research Assistant

Kelly Lee - MRes Student (joint student with Prof Hammond)

Monica Olcina

Group Leader - Immune Radiation Biology

Interested in understanding how tumours exploit innate immune pathways to their advantage, and studying how we can target these pathways to improve radiotherapy


Monica Olcina studied Pharmacy at the University of Manchester. After completing the required training to become a registered pharmacist she moved to Oxford to undertake her Masters and DPhil studies in Radiation Biology. In 2014, she joined Stanford University where she worked as a Cancer Research Institute Irvington Postdoctoral Fellow to identify novel pathways that could be targeted to improve radiotherapy. In 2019 she moved to the University of Zurich to continue these studies. In December 2020 she joined the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology as a Junior Group Leader.


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