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Nathalie Lövgren

MMath&Phys, MSc

DPhil Student

Clinical implementation of FLASH radiotherapy

Research Summary

FLASH radiotherapy aims to make use of ultra-high dose rates in order to achieve a normal tissue sparing effect whilst maintaining the anti-tumour effectiveness of conventional dose rates.  Due to the novelty of this radiotherapy technique, there are many questions left to be answered. My project focuses on the clinical implementation of FLASH radiotherapy and in particular the implementation of ultra-high dose rate protons. 


I graduated from The University of Manchester with an integrated masters in Mathematics & Physics (2020) where my masters projects focused on the use of Very High Energy Electron (VHEE) Radiotherapy as a novel cancer treatment. I then completed a MSc in Radiation Biology at the University of Oxford (2021) where my dissertation project focused on the treatment planning aspect of FLASH proton therapy (FLASH-PT), creating FLASH-PT treatment plans, and comparing them to clinically used plans for techniques such as 3-D conformal radiotherapy, VMAT, and IMPT.