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Tom Whyntie


Postdoctoral Researcher (Physics)

Combining particle physics and magnetic resonance imaging to improve patient outcomes with MR-guided Radiotherapy (MRgRT).

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher (Physics) with the Radiation Therapy Medical Physics Group, led by Prof. Frank Van Den Heuvel, at the University of Oxford's Department of Oncology.  My current role combines my experience with particle physics and medical imaging in the emerging field of Magnetic Resonance imaging-guided Radiotherapy (MRgRT).  I started out in particle physics, working on the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) and Monopole and Exotics Detector at the LHC (MoEDAL) experiments looking for dark matter and magnetic monopoles respectively.  While a Public Engagement Fellow for the UK Science and Technology Facilities, Council, I worked extensively in engaging wider publics with research and large-scale computing through the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS) and GridPP Collaboration, and the CERN@school research programme.  I then entered the world of medical imaging through the analysis of clinical and research neuroimaging datasets, including the UK Biobank.  I read Natural Sciences at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, specialising in Experimental and Theoretical Physics, and I completed my PhD at Imperial College London‘s High Energy Physics group and CERN.

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