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9. Would I benefit from the course?

The course is multi-disciplinary so you will learn about areas outside your own expertise, from basic science and discovery of drug and diagnostic, through development and approvals, to clinical practice including ethical considerations.

10. what is the pitch of the course?

The course is designed for professionals from a variety of backgrounds with an interest in genomics and precision medicine in cancer. You could be working in any stage of target discovery, drug development, translation into practice, or health policy. We expect the course will appeal to practicing clinicians and pharmacists at all stages of their career, as well as those working in academia and the pharmaceutical industry - from medical specialists to health economists, ethicists, bio-informaticians and biologists.

11. WHat is the level of commitment required by me?

Typically, students are expected to commit around 15-20 hours per week on the course, though this can vary depending on the requirements of the tutorial during some weeks, and whether there are additional summative submissions to prepare.

12. How much of the course is online? Will I be required to visit the University of oxford in the uk?

The course is entirely online. There is however a compulsory residential component for which students are required to attend a week-long residential school in Oxford, in March of year 2.

13. is the residential week compulsory?

Yes. This is a requirement of the course and you must attend Oxford for the duration of the residential week (usually scheduled towards the end of March). You will also sit the examination component of the course during this time. Course fees include an allowance up to £1000 (Overseas students) or £200 (Home/EU students) towards travel to Oxford. The cost of your accommodation and most of your meals for the week are also included in the course fee.

14. How are the lectures delivered?

These are delivered online via our virtual learning environment, Canvas, and will be a mixture of pre-recorded mini-lectures, written content and external reading. Regular tutorials for each module will be hosted as live online tutorials via Zoom Conference Software.

15. When are the live online tutorials likely to be?

The online tutorials will typically take place every two weeks during the module dates (we aim for weeks 2, 4 & 6 of the module). We aim to run them in the same day each time, at multiple times to accommodate students in different time zones. They are held via Zoom and attendance will be mandatory.

16. What date does the course start?

The date will vary according to the Academic year, but a safe rule of thumb is the first week of October. We will provide you with access to pre-course work (module zero) at the start of September, followed by an induction week the first week of October when you will get a chance to meet the team and fellow students.