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Research Themes

Immunology (Collaborator)


Julian Knight
Christina Ye, Academic Foundation Programme Doctor

Benjamin Fairfax

Consultant in Medical Oncology

Research Summary

I am interested in the genetic and epigenetic determinants of inter-individual variation in immune responses.


In 1999, Ben Fairfax intercalated a PhD in Steve Moss’ former laboratory at the MRC-LMCB, UCL. Upon completion of his clinical training in Oxford, Ben worked within Julian Knight’s group at the WTCHG where he undertook research during his Academic Foundation Programme and subsequently held a postdoctoral position supported by a Wellcome MB-PhD postdoctoral fellowship.


Ros Cooper, CRUK Clinical Research Training Fellow
Elise A Mahe, Research Assistant
Isar Nassiri, Postdoctoral Researcher
Chelsea Taylor, EPSRC DPhil Student
Robert A Watson, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow


Sara Danielli, Research Assistant - Undertaking a DPhil with Jelena Mirkovic at the Kennedy Institute, Oxford