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International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2023

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science aims to connect the International Community to Women and Girls in Science, strengthening the ties between science, policy, and society for strategies oriented towards the future. To mark the occasion, Annabelle Ziegler and Ben Dean spoke to members of the Department to gather their views on the challenges women have faced in STEM activities, and what society can do to pave the way for parity in STEM roles.

Oncology and World Mental Health Day 2022

In celebration of World Mental Health day on the 10 October, the Department of Oncology opened its doors to the rest of the Medical Sciences Division and hosted a range of exciting workshops, activities and lectures in order to promote better awareness around mental health.

Dr Lennard Lee recognised as one of 21 outstanding young physicians below the age of 40

The Departmental academic clinical lecturer receives this recognition and was invited to take part in the InterAcademy Partnership Young Physician Leaders Programme 2022 in Berlin.

FOCUS4: a flagship trial in colorectal cancer

Professor Tim Maughan outlines the flagship work of the FOCUS4 trials, whose results were presented this weekend at the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) annual meeting

A unique year for a UNIQ experience!

Tiffany Chan and Claudia Fraser were two of our fantastic tutors who helped ensure the UNIQ Oncology Summer School happened in the midst of a pandemic.

Extending outreach to a global audience

A week ago I found myself on Skype to a group of school students in Houston, Texas. Not something I had expected to be doing this year, but a lot of this year is not as I expected...

I can’t see you; I can’t hear you; how do I engage you?

Working from home is a lonely business, so the chance to meet and engage people with our science was too good to pass up. Schools and work places are not the only places that have to operate remotely. Across the UK clubs, societies and groups are using the internet to keep their interests alive.

Prostate Cancer – March 2020

For prostate cancer awareness month, we focus on the work of Dr Valentine Macaulay.

Brain tumours; like finding a needle in a haystack?!

For Brain Tumour Awareness Month, Vanessa Johanssen talks about her work and how their research has helped to find brain tumours when they're small enough to treat.

Discovering Common Ground

Last April we joined forces with Corpus Christi College and visited Crewe to talk to students there about the impact of maths in materials and cancer research. We met Sarah Stubington and discovered that a shared love of science can create common ground. Sarah shared her perspective of our meeting.

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