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Christmas closure days

Every year the department closes between Christmas and New Year and staff are required to book annual leave during this time, this will be done automatically for you by our team.  If you are unable to do so for operational reasons you need to email for this request to be approved.

Carry Over 

All staff are allowed to carry over 5 days into the new annual leave year and these days must be used by 31st December.  If more than 5 days are required then a business case must be written and sent to this will then be reviewed and approved by the head of HR and Administration  Please note if you have more days to use due to being on family leave and accruing time during this leave then the December deadline will not apply to you.

Additional Annual Leave 

The University offers a scheme through which staff can request up to 10 additional days’ annual leave in each holiday year.  The department of Oncology allow staff members to purchase up to 5 days. 

If you require more leave due to caring responsibilities you can purchase up to an additional 5 days leave once approved   The cost of the additional days’ leave can either be met by a salary reduction at the time that the leave is taken, or through an arrangement whereby the leave can be exchanged against salary over a period of up to 12 months (salary sacrifice), in order to reduce the impact of the  salary reduction.

Please use this form yourself and your manager will need to sign this then return it to

Study Leave

To encourage personal development academic related staff members are entitled to take up to 10 days professional development per year.  You can note this in Teamseer, should you wish to take a course during this time please have a look on the staff development page for further information.

Long Service Leave 

If you have 5 years of continuous service across the University, you will be entitled to long service leave.

General Teamseer queries

If you are a new manager who would like to arrange a training session on how Teamseer works please book a meeting with our Teamseer champion Michelle Hartigan.

If you have general queries or issues please email with a screenshot of your issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.