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In order that accurate measurements of volumetric breast density may be made, a model of the scattered radiation present within an image is required: such a model is presented here. The model has the advantageous property of utilising a model of photon scattering, allowing cross sections to be calculated, and thus allowing scatter to be modelled for any object. An analysis is presented which uses the model to quantify the effect of varying small angle scattering properties of breast tissues; and the effect of the height within the breast at which tissues are present. Since the details of the anatomical structure of the breast under measurement are unknown, their precise effect on scatter cannot be calculated, but this model is used here to establish error bounds on the scatter estimate, which is a significant contribution to the error in breast density measurement. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006.


Conference paper

Publication Date



4046 LNCS


251 - 258