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The DPhil in Oncology projects available for admission in October 2023 are listed below. Please select a project from the menu on the left hand side to view more details about it. Each project page includes an overview, a link to view the profile of the primary supervisor, and a list of relevant research papers. You are strongly advised to read the indicated research papers, and conduct some further reading around the topic area when deciding  whether to apply to a specific project. If you are interested in one of these projects you should contact the primary supervisor for a discussion prior to applying. 


  • Investigating the role of E3 ubiquitin ligases in cancer pathogenesis
  • P97-UFD1-LARP1 axis regulates autophagy and PARP inhibitor resistance in ovarian cancer
  • Nucleases and helicases as potential cancer targets
  • Characterisation of DNA-protein crosslink proteolysis repair in response to chemotherapy
  • Personalised radionuclide theranostics for cancer
  • Parallels between the biological response to viral infection and hypoxia
  • The role of MAFF-mediated redox system in tumour and immune responses
  • Understanding the effects of immunomodulatory therapies on radiation response
  • Clinically-motivated and physics-informed deep learning for contouring tumours using multimodal cancer imaging
  • Discovery of new drugs for CRC prevention by targeting the BMP pathway
  • Identification of new therapeutic targets: Down-modulation of inhibitory-SMADs as a route to CRC prevention
  • Hypermutation as a driving force for cancer: can there be too much of a good thing?
  • Investigation into the dynamics of DNA damage and repair of cells following FLASH and conventional irradiation