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Sarah Blagden

Professor of Experimental Oncology

Walter Bodmer

Professor of Genetics

Alistair Easton

Senior Clinical Researcher

Benjamin Fairfax

Professor of Cancer Immunogenetics

Kerry Fisher

Associate Professor

Fergus Gleeson

Professor of Radiology

Ester Hammond

Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology

Geoff Higgins

Associate Professor

Shisong Jiang

Associate Professor/ Senior Industrial Fellow

Rachel Kerr

Medical Oncologist

Nick La Thangue

Professor of Cancer Biology

Simon Lord

Associate Professor in Experimental Cancer Therapeutics

Peter McHugh

Professor of Molecular Oncology

Mark Middleton

Head, Department of Oncology

Ejung Moon

Group Leader in Radiation Biology and the Tumour Microenvironment

Eric O'Neill

Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology

Monica Olcina

Group Leader - Immune Radiation Biology

Eileen Parkes

Associate Professor, Innate tumour immunology

Kristoffer Petersson

MRC Investigator & Group Leader - FLASH Radiation

Anna Schuh

Director of Molecular Diagnostics

Len Seymour

Professor of Gene Therapies

Nicola Sibson

Professor of Imaging Neuroscience

Madalena Tarsounas

Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology

Ian Tomlinson

Professor of Cancer Genetics

Katherine Vallis

Professor of Experimental Radiotherapeutics